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Sting Pest Control Services covers Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Amber Valley and Erewash including Nottingham, Derby, Ilkeston, Heanor, Eastwood, Ripley, Alfreton, Chaddesden, Spondon, Long Eaton, Borrowash, Little Eaton and surrounding areas.

Some of the pests we treat

Wasp elimination and nest removal

Ant treatments

Flea eradication


Treatments for rats

Treatments for bedbugs

Treatments for mice

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(Office open 9am until 6pm daily)


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Sting Pest Control Services carry out treatments for wasps. Wasps are a well known nuisance through being attracted to sweet foods.  Wasps stings are a severe health risk, which can cause Anaphylactic Shock in some people.

Although not everyone is affected, those who are can be killed by a single sting. For this reason only, we DO NOT recommend any non-professional person should carry out wasp treatments. Take a look at our photo gallery and our bee information page for species we do not treat.

The wasp’s lifecycle is quite simple as their life revolves around the construction of their nest.  The Queen hibernates throughout the winter until spring when she initiates the nest, building cells to lay her eggs in.  The Queen is responsible for the existence of the entire nest and she will die at the end of summer.  Wasps can nest in many locations such as trees, hedges, underground, in sheds, outhouses, garages, lofts and cavity walls.

At Sting Pest Control we have a lot of experience in treating wasps using protective clothing and suitable equipment to enable a safe treatment to be carried out with reduced risks of being stung.  The treatment method is dependant on a risk assessment which we will carry out during our visit.

small new wasp nest on side of old wasp nest
wasp nest in roof space
wasp nest under floor boards

“50% Discount for multiple nests”

Killgerm wasp

Wasp nest removal in Nottingham and Derby

small new wasp nest on side of old wasp nest
small new wasp nest on side of old wasp nest